What is Vertigo?

What is Vertigo?

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Fuller Physical Therapy is a leader is treating Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BBPV), the most common cause of vertigo. It's an intense feeling of room spinning when you look up or roll over in bed. You can even feel nauseated, sweat or have trouble walking. Our specialists are here to help.

Why Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)?

BBPV is best treated using the Epley maneuver which in 80% of cases relieves symptom the first visit. Other types of vertigo respond to Vestibular Rehabilitation, a type of physical therapy aimed at helping to strengthen the vestibular system-the system that sends signals to the brain about head and body movements. This exercise-based program improves balance and reduces dizziness-related problems. Our therapists use a series of specific head and body movement exercises created to treat BBPV.

What can VRT Therapy Do for Me?

•Stop your dizziness in one treatment.
•Reduces instances of the brain signaling the feeling of body movement
•Encourages better balance
•Improves walking and other movements
•Reduces the worry about falls or accidents