What Is Sports Therapy?

What Is Sports Therapy?

Offered at our Leitchfield, Beaver Dam, Princeton, Morgantown, Providence, and Owensboro, KY locations

Let us help you get back into the game. Whether you are a student athlete or a sports enthusiast our professional staff works with you to prevent, evaluate and treat sports injuries.

Why Sports Therapy?

We use a comprehensive approach to sports therapy: training to prevent injuries, using the latest methods to treat injuries and focusing on a rehabilitation program to reach an optimal level of recovery. Our goal is for you to enjoy your favorite sports without pain.

What Can Sports Therapy Do For Me?

The Fuller Sports Therapy Program gives athletes peace of mind as it:

  • Develops training and conditioning programs for individuals to prevent injuries
  • Offers nutritional advice
  • Uses therapeutic sports massage to loosen muscles and relieve strained ones
  • Applies methods to treat injuries such as heat, electric simulation and exercise to avoid drugs or surgery as much as possible