I recently completed my treatments with Dr. Stivers at Fuller Physical Therapy in Morgantown, KY. Prior to the beginning of my therapy, I had little to no mobility in my shoulder, which affected by daily routine. Once I began therapy, I improved a great deal with each session. My issue was quickly resolved with the help and expertise of Dr. Stivers and her staff. Fuller Physical Therapy offers a warm and inviting atmosphere! They always greeted me when I arrived, helped me with my new exercises, and were available to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Stivers for all your physical therapy needs.

Michelle Tutko

Morgantown, KY

Great people!! Thankful for all they do to take care of me...just not the physical therapy but they also lift your spirits & help when your going thru a tough battle after surgery!! Thanks guys!!!

Kim W.

Chris took care of me when I had an accident driving over the road. He's amazing and a genuinely caring professional.

Diane W.

When first asked if I wanted to try physical therapy after a car accident I was more than apprehensive. Dr fuller not only puts you at ease but can find exactly what needs done in seconds. I can't speak highly enough of his practice and staff.

Robin W.

I had TMJ and neck pain so bad I started to Fullers PT and I have no neck pain or TMJ pain at all thank you Roger and Chris this is the place to go if you are in pain

Penny S.

They do an amazing job. Very friendly and loving people. I've been going for upper back problems, numbness and tingling. With dry needling and their help I'm slowly getting better. Been going for 3 months

Chelsea C.

Today I made an accomplishment! I put a scrunchie in my hair and I haven't been able to do that for about 8 or 9 months. I am so proud and so happy that my arm is doing that much better! Thank goodness it might not be more than two more weeks before I don't have to go to Rehab anymore that will be a blessing! Thanks for all the prayers they sure work. And thank you Jesus! And a big special thanks to Fuller Physical Therapy and your kind and wonderful therapists.

Wanda W.

They work you, but they do it with compassion. Chris is wonderful at dry needling! I wish they had Saturday hours so I could go more!

Amber V.

They are an amazing group of people. I have m.s. and they are really helping with all the muscle pain.

Brandy B.

Absolutely amazing place! Super friendly and knowledgeable!

Nicole G.

A great place to go! Friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Tina D.

My muscles have been so tense and sore from stress recently that it has caused headaches. On Friday I tried dry needling and my headache was gone before I left the office. I am very pleased to say I haven't had a headache in two days and my muscles are still relaxed. I didn't even know when he stuck me with the needle. It was a very quick and painless process with lots of benefits! If you are in need of of pain relief, give him a call. He has helped me several times and I am more than confident he will be able to do the same for you! I am very thankful for Chris and the work he is doing in OC!!

Shandy B.

These guys rock. They have helped me win my back very much.

Sandy S.

Thanks to Chris Fuller, I have been able to work at For Myself Florist, help my daughter and granddaughter plan for a shower, wedding and reception this month, do my work at home.Before I went to see him, I had had 3 steroid shots in a period of 3 mos. or less.....had NONE since the dry needle therapy. He has MADE my summer wonderful for I am loving my work, loving doing for this wedding in 2 wks., loving life for I am able to do again. THANKS to Chris Fuller, it is like a new me with minimal pain compared. I was contemplating shoulder surgery for the pain was so bad and I wanted and want NO more surgeries, ever.!!!!

Everyone in pain needs to see Dr. Chris Fuller and his staff. I cannot give him enough praise that he deserves.

Marilyn M.

I have had back and neck pain for yrs. done several meds and even the chiropractor for a yr. just after 2 visits and some dry needling ( does not hurt) I feel better than I have in yrs. and I'm not on meds anymore. Chris and roger are both amazing at what they do !!

Angela G.

I'm very impressed with my experience at Fuller Physical Therapy. I came in with shoulder, back, and neck pain which kept me from preforming daily tasks. With just a quick evaluation Dr. Fuller had spotted my problem and within minutes my pain had diminished. No medicine, no reoccuring visits, & no pain. I'm very pleased and feel very at home with such great staff and satisfying procedures. Thank you Dr. Fuller!

Chelsea J.

Chris has done such a great job with his dry needling therapy he has been doing to my right foot pain. I wish I had know about this months ago. After today, my pain is almost a 100% better than it has been. Thank you do much!

Sandi C.

I thank God for Dr Chris Fuller and Fuller Physical Therapy. Since having a spinal fusion 2 1/2 yrs ago, I have suffered with chronic pain. Dry needling has not only given me some mobility back, but also helps me with pain management.
Thank you Dr Fuller!

Annie D.

Highly recommend!!! Staff is top notch and they attend to you quickly. They take the time to listen and address the problem areas!! Very thankful they offer the services they do here locally!!

Matthew D.

Fullers PT has helped me so much I am pain free with my neck and TMJ if you are in pain then you need to go see Chris or Roger it's made a believer out of me

Penny S.

Great job.. Worked with my son.. Hand is great.. Mason really liked your assistant.. Great with kids.. Scheduling was good also.. Overall great experience

Lori W.

The whole team is amazing I would recommend anyone go to them !!!

Kira L.

Chris Fuller and his team are amazing!

Mandi M.

Had dry needling it is amazing

Marcia D.


Keri B.