Learn from Fuller Physical Therapy

Higher-learning seminars in Leitchfield, KY

Are you a medical professional interested in learning more about our therapeutic techniques? At Fuller Physical Therapy we would like to welcome you to experience one of our seminars. These give you a great opportunity to learn more about what popular techniques are being used all over the world from experts with hands-on experience.

We are currently focusing on trigger point dry needling which is a highly sought after form of therapy in the industry. This seminar will focus on how the use of small needles can reduce pain and increase mobility of the muscles. For more information on this technique, please browse our site and see how your patients of practice could benefit.

If you are a physical therapist or nurse practitioner in the Leitchfield, KY area and interested in taking advantage of one of our seminars, give our Leitchfield, KY location a call today for more information today.